Looking to Improve your Health – Own a Dog

Sometime that “miracle cure” we all look for as far as improving our health can be found in the eyes of a furry companion. In this case, a dog can be a cure to what ails you.

Many studies have been done and are continued to be done on the health benefits of pet ownership. Below are just a few of the benefits and an explanation as to why owning a dog can be a wonderful addition to any health care plan.

Social Interaction

For those who suffer from depression, having a reason to get up is a positive improvement in one’s life. Dogs are like children and they have requirements. Beyond taking them out to do their business, you also have the visit to the doctor, groomer, and in some situations a trainer. Taking your furry friend to these appointments helps you get out and meet new people who have a common interest and that is dogs.


A dog cannot only get you out and about to meet new people but it can also get you out walking, running or visiting the dog park. These types of activities are considered weight bearing exercise along with increasing your sun exposure, which will improve your bone health.  All of this activity improves your health plus your gym partner is always waiting for you to exercise and will not let you get by with a feeble excuse not to.

Gives Unconditional Love

For many people, especially those who live by themselves, having something at home to come home to is something that is non-existent. This is especially true with the elderly. Owning a dog though, can provide that missing piece of companionship and unconditional love. In response to this unconditional love, owners feel obligated to take care of this creature not as a chore but as a family member. They feel needed and this simple need can reduce the feeling of isolation and depression.

Builds a Stronger Immune System

While this typically applies to kids, it is still an important reason by which to own a dog and that is it is known to build a stronger immune system. This connection was first noticed with kids who were raised on farms. Their constant exposure to farm animals helped them develop stronger immune systems that carried over to adulthood.

This same principle can be said when it comes to owning a dog. If you are new at owning a dog as an adult, do not think that your immune system is not going to get jolt. Dog ownership also reduces stress, which in turn will improve one’s immune system.