A Simple Trick to Get Your New Puppy to Sleep

Have you ever brought a puppy home and it did was cry. I mean never ending crying it seemed. Well, while the puppy is weaned he/or she still misses their mother. While you cannot truly replicate a puppy’s mother there are a few tricks that will help you and your puppy get a good night’s sleep.

The easiest solution is to make a “fake” mother. This may sound complicated but it really is not. The first thing you will need is a few supplies. In the past, these have been items that were easily found around any home but in today’s time some of these items may be harder to come by.

The first item is a towel. While it is a good idea not to use your best towel, you do need one that has some texture to it. This will mimic the fur of the mother. The next item on the list is a hot water bottle. If you do not have one of these, they can still be found in drugstores along with box stores. The last item may be the hardest to find but they are still out there. What is this item? Well, it is an old-fashion windup clock. You know the kind of clock that you can hear ticking from a mile away.

Now that you have your supplies, the next step is to create your puppy’s mom. This approach is best saved for bedtime and begins with heating water up in a kettle. Once the water is hot, add it to the hot water bottle and seal with lid. Next, wrap the hot water bottle in the towel. The next step of this process is to plant your “DIY puppy mom” in your puppy’s bed or crate. Wind up the alarm clock and place it around the hot water bottle and towel bundle. Now, add your puppy.

The reason for each one of these parts is simple. First, as stated, the towel mimics the mother’s fur. The hot water bottle provides heat and the ticking of the alarm clock sounds like the mother’s heart beat. All of these things will soothe your puppy and reduce separation anxiety. Continue to use this technique for a week or two. After that, you can gradually remove the items from your puppy’s bedtime ritual so that he/she can sleep alone.