Disclaimer of Liability

Dogs are wonderful creatures who make loving companions when properly treated. They think, they feel, they love. Dogs have personalities that are as different from one another as human personalities are. One thing dogs all have in common is the instinct to survive. That means they will bite given the right circumstances. This is one thing everyone who deals with dogs must remember — no matter how loving the dog, they will bite in the right circumstances.

Given that reality, this website, its’ owners and authors, and all those connected with it cannot be held liable for any injury or loss that occurs as a result of using the information presented here. While every effort is made to present accurate and timely information, dogs vary in their response to training techniques, events in their lives, or other things. These variables make it impossible to say with 100% certainty how a dog will react to a given situation. No warrantee, express or implied, exists for this website.

Similarly, while information related to canine health issues is presented here, no attempt is being made to provide medical care to your dog. If your dog is ill or injured, contact your veterinarian or a veterinary emergency clinic. We will not attempt to diagnose or treat your dog via the website or email.

Your veterinarian should be consulted before starting obedience or agility so that you can ensure your dog is healthy and able to participate in these activities. Dogs with some ailments may need to restrict their activity and some exercises in agility or obedience may need to be modified or left out.

Never give human medications to a dog without your veterinarian’s orders. Some common medications are fatal to dogs and others have severe side effects. Only a veterinarian can safely tell you what medications can help your dog.

At the end of the day, your dog depends on you to care for him. This website should be only one component the team that helps you do that — your veterinarian, pet supply store, obedience trainer, and RaisingSpot.com.