Taking your Dog to Work? 6 Things to Consider before Walking out the Door

Today, some businesses are allowing workers to bring their fur babies to work regardless if they are service dogs or not. There are several reasons for this trend. One, having dogs at a workplace can reduce stress. Two, the owners of the dogs and their colleagues tend to be happier and get more work done. But before you pack your dog in the car, take a look at these tips to reduce the chances of your fur baby becoming a problem at work.

1. Ask your employer

Yes, I know this seems to be commonsense but you would be amazed at the number of people that just show up with their dog. If your dog is a service dog, notify your employer of this fact. On the other hand, if your fur baby is simply your companion, make sure to check with your employer prior to bringing your pet to work.

2. Make sure your dog is trained

Ok, there are times that I do not mind a bit of dog hair on me but…..there are other times that I really need to look my best. To keep you, your dog, and your employer looking their best, make sure that your dog is well trained to prevent situations that may occur. This includes jumping up on someone and growling.

3. Have all the supplies you need on hand

If you forgot something, most employers are not going to let you just leave to pick the item up. In doing so, create a check list of all the supplies you will need for the day. This includes a bed, food, food and water bowls, treats, toys, and leash to name a few.

4. Make sure your dog is up on his/her shots

Sometimes things happen and you want to protect yourself along with the people you work with, clients, and other dogs. Prior to taking your fur baby to your place of employment, take him/her to the vet for a checkup and updates on any shots. Also, make a copy of the shot record and keep it at your job, just in case.

5. Check with everyone in the office

While the world would be a wonderful place if everyone loved dogs but….this is not always the case. There are many reasons as to why a person does not like dogs, which can include allergies along with prior negative experience. If anyone in your office is against you bringing your dog, do not push the issue or simply make sure that your dog never migrates to that coworker’s area. This also holds true when it comes to customers/clients.

6. Exercise your dog before arriving at the office

As we all know, your employer is paying you to work, not manage your dog’s needs. In doing so, prior to going to work take your dog out for some exercise. This simple activity will not only help your dog but will also make you more productive at your job.

Also to keep the positive vibes going of a well-behaved fur baby, do not forget to take your dog out when lunch time arrives. This second round of fresh air and exercise should get you and your pet to the end of the day.

While taking your dog to work has many positives for both people and dogs, all this can easily be canceled out if you do not follow these six tips.