The Best Way to Keep Your Dog’s Food Fresh

When it comes to feeding your dog, pet parents desire to feed their fur babies the best they can but……if the food is not handled properly even the most expensive food can be bad.

The first step of this process is to check the date of the food prior to purchasing it. Getting a bag that has the longest shelf life is the best approach. This technique should be followed for both dry and wet food. Next, when you get the bag home, carefully open it. If it smells off or your dog just will not have anything to do with it, consider returning it and/or contacting the company.

When you are talking about a bag of food, some people carefully open a corner of the bag, pour the food out and then roll the edge down in hopes of keeping the food fresh. Yes, this will work but it can attract bugs. The best approach is to pour it into a plastic or glass container that is sealable. This will keep the food as fresh as possible while not attracting unwanted guests.

Another approach to consider is the amount you buy at one time. I know it is cheaper to buy in bulk but buying in bulk means you need to keep the food longer. When buying dry dog food especially, make sure that you are not buying more than your fur baby can eat in a two weeks time period. If you feel that you must go a bit farther, do not buy more than what can be eaten in a month.

Now, when it comes to canned food, the process is the same. Make sure to check the expiration date on each can. When you open the can, make sure to refrigerate the leftovers. Yes, you can just put the can in the fridge without a lid but I have found that the food dries out quickly and can “flavor” other food in the fridge. The best approach is to place the opened can in another container with a lid. If you do not want to dirty a container, consider placing plastic wrap on top or a can lid that is designed for that size container.

When it comes to feeding your fur baby, every pet parent wants to feed the best they possibly can. With the tips mentioned above, you will always be able to serve your dog a fresh meal that is safe and tasty to eat.