Simple Ways to treat your Dog’s Dandruff

What to do, what to do? You come home from work and your dog shakes or scratches his/her back. All of a sudden, white flakes fill the air and it is not snow. It is dog dandruff. While dandruff is caused by dry skin, it should never be viewed as a normal when it comes to a dog’s health. Below are a few suggestions that you can try to prevent or reduce the amount of dandruff produced by your dog. But since there are numerous causes of dog dandruff, only your veterinarian can give you a prescribed approach by which to treat your canine’s problem.


Just as people take certain supplements to add healthy fats to their diet, so may your veterinarian suggest certain supplements for your dog. While these will not be listed because they need to be formulated for your dog and prescribed by your vet, you may be surprised by the types that are recommended.

Regular Bathing and Grooming

Just as with humans, regular bathing and grooming is very important not only for fur care but also skin. There are several treatments that professional groomers can recommend that with removed dead skin cells while hydrating the skin, which will reduce dandruff.

Regular brush is another technique by which you can use to treat dog dandruff. A medium firm brush is soft enough for even the most sensitive skin while loosening up dead skin cells, which will be removed through the brushing process. Also, the brushing process will distribute the natural oils in the coat. This will add oil to the skin and in doing so reduce the amount of dandruff.


In some situations, food sensitivity can be the cause of dog dandruff. There are a couple of choices that your veterinarian may suggest to deal with this situation. First, if it appears that a food allergy is the problem then a hypoallergenic diet may be recommend. The second technique may be to feed your dog a food that is designed for dog’s that suffer from skin issues. The third option may be to make your dog’s food yourself but this should only be done in conjunction with your veterinarian, which will make sure the DIY meal is balanced.

Reducing Stress

When one is under stress, regardless if you are man or beast, health problems can crop up. Under stressful situations, you may notice that your dog develops dandruff or their dandruff becomes worse. All of the techniques above cannot counter the negative effects of stress. In doing so, the best approach is to reduce the stress that your pet is under and continue to perform the listed technique above to prevent or control dog dandruff.