Tricks on How to Keep your Dog Hydrated

You know the saying about doing something and they will come. Well, you would think that would be the story when it comes to providing water to your dog but this is not always the case. Also, there are times that you just want to make the simple process of hydration fun but how? Below are a few tips to make giving your dog water that he/she will actually drink easier.

The first technique is to offer it as food. This can be either offered as “wet food” from a can or moistened dry food. Now, keep in mind though that using this approach can decrease your dog’s appetite much like drinking a glass of water prior to a meal does for us. When using this approach, make sure to not only monitor the amount of water added but also the amount of food consumed so that your pet receives enough of both.

The second technique is a way more enjoyable for both man and beast but before I get to it let me tell you a story. Growing up I always had dogs and as kids go, I always shared my food and treats with them especially when I was outside playing. One of my favorite summertime treats was homemade popsicles that my mom made. As I stated, I would share everything and it got to the point that when I went inside to get a popsicle I would get two-one for me and one for my companion. While the ingredients were fine for me, they were not always the best for my dog. So one day I was outside enjoying a glass full of ice cubes which were topped with homemade tea. As luck would have it, one of the ice cubes fell out of the glass onto the porch by which my dog proceeded to attack it. Just to keep the mess down, I threw the ice cube in his watering bowl. To my amazement, he dove head first into the bowl trying to “fish” out the ice cube. As you can imagine, the ice melted before he could retrieve it.  After that I had my popsicles and my dog had his. Now to the point of this story is simple. Providing water or hydration for your dog can go beyond an unexciting bowl of water to a game that not only cools your pet off but also provides that hydration.

Canine popsicles are easy to make and they can be as simple as ice cubes. But if you desire something that will last a bit longer in the heat of summer, consider freezing a block of ice in a cardboard milk carton or something along that line that will fit into your freezer. Once frozen and your pet is ready for a treat then pull it out, unmold it and place in his/her water bowl. Now it time to watch the fun and hours of hydration begin.