Are Retractable Leashes A Good Idea

Most cities have a leash law.  Dogs must be on leash unless they are in a fenced in area.  Some places have fenced in dog parks for dogs to run around in off leash.  Leashes come in a variety of materials and sizes.  The most common types of leashes are made of leather or nylon and are usually about six feet long.  Some people choose to use a retractable leash on their dog so the dog can wander further than with a traditional leash.

Are retractable leashes appropriate for your dog? This article discusses the pros and cons of such leashes.  This allows you to make an informed decision on whether to use a retractable leash with your dog.

Here are the pros of using a retractable leash:

Here, then, are the cons of using a retractable leash:

Most veterinarians and dog trainers agree:  a retractable leash has too few upsides to offset the downsides it can cause.  Be safe and use a six feet leather or nylon leash when working or walking your dog.