Obedience Trials Part Two

This is the second part of the article on American Kennel Club and United Kennel Club obedience trials.  The AKC and UKC have slightly different rules for jump distances and heights, but the exercises are the same.  A dog must earn the titles in order.  After earning the Novice  and Open titles, the dog competes in the Utility class.  Utility A is for dogs that have not yet earned their Utility degree and Utility B is for dogs that have earned that award.  The exercises for Utility are as follows:

The dog must obtain a score of 170 out of 200 and pass each exercise to obtain a leg toward his Utility Dog title.  Three legs are required for the Utility Dog title.

After obtaining the Utility Dog title, there are a number of titles a dog may continue to attempt to earn.  For example, the dog may earn a Utility Dog Excellent title by passing both Open B and Utility B on the same day at least ten times.  This is not very easy and is a title worthy of earning.

A dog may earn the title Obedience Trial Champion, or OTCH, by earning 100 points and passing both Open B and Utility B on the same day with a score of at least 370 at least five times in the UKC.  Points are earned depending on the score a dog receives at competition. At least 30 points must be earned in open and 20 from utility to get the title.

In the AKC, the Obedience Trial Champion title is earned by earning 100 points, at least one Utility B win, at least one Open B win, and at least one further win in one of the two classes.  Points are awarded to first through fourth place dogs based on how many dogs the dog beat.

After finishing the OTCH, dogs in the UKC can earn the Grand Obedience Trial Champion designation by passing both Utility and Open on the same day with a score of at least 370 fifteen times after earning the OTCH.

The AKC also offers Obedience Master and Obedience Grand Master awards.  These are awarded by earning a score of 190 or above in either Utility B or Open B.  One hundred points must be accumulated, at least 30 from Open B and 30 from Utility B.  The points are awarded based on the score of 190 or above.  When the dog has completed this, it is awarded the title of Obedience Master.  A dog that does this ten times is awarded the title of Obedience Grand Master.

Obedience trials are a great way to form a wonderful relationship with your dog.  They are a lot of work, but the rewards are worth it.