The cure to dog behavior problems

[adsense-three] So, you’ve analyzed your dog’s behavior problem and you’ve come up with ways to manage him so it doesn’t grow out of control. Now you can get to work on a long-term solution. The cure is to teach your dog new ways to deal with a situation that would normally trigger his bad behavior. … Read more

Understanding submissive urination

[adsense-three] If he’s otherwise healthy, a dog that spontaneously urinates when he greets visitors or when you come home from work every day may have a problem with submissive urination. In the world of canines, a dog that wants to diffuse a potentially aggressive situation or show that he’s subordinate will urinate in the presence … Read more

How to stop dog jumping

[adsense-three] Often starting during puppyhood, dog jumping can be a serious behavior problem. It seems innocent while your dog is young, but as he grows it can become extremely irritating. This is especially true if he’s from a larger breed, although toy dogs are no exception. If your dog jumps on you, he’ll definitely jump … Read more

How to stop a dog from chewing

[adsense-three] It would be difficult to stop dog chewing entirely because all dogs are born with the natural instinct to chew. Unlike humans, dogs use their mouths to explore their environment. The chewing behavior itself is often not the problem; it’s what your dog decides to chew on that can be annoying. Regardless of the … Read more

How to stop a dog from barking

[adsense-three] The first step in any approach to stop dog barking is to understand why your dog barks. Because he can’t talk, barking allows your dog to express himself. Sometimes he may bark as a warning or because he’s afraid. Other times he may simply bark out of boredom, which can upset neighbors. Below are … Read more