Shy dogs

[adsense-three] A puppy that’s not encouraged to build self-confidence can become an overly shy dog. It’s during a puppy’s socialization period that his confidence is instilled. Some breeds tend to be more timid than others, however, shyness can become a serious behavior problem with any dog that’s not properly socialized. Shy dogs tend to be … Read more

How to stop a puppy from biting

People often want to stop puppy biting without realizing it’s an essential part of their dog’s development. If your puppy doesn’t bite, he can never learn bite inhibition and may develop behavior problems as an adult. Biting shouldn’t be stopped, but it can be controlled with some simple techniques to teach your puppy how and when to bite.

Managing your dog’s behavior problem

Managing or preventing dog behavior problems is an important step in solving them. Once you know what triggers the bad behavior and how it’s being reinforced, you can avoid those situations that drive your dog to the dark side. Then you can teach him alternative or incompatible behaviors as a more permanent solution.

Managing dog separation anxiety

[adsense-three] Some of the most common behavior problems in dogs are triggered by separation anxiety. Because dogs are pack animals, they can get anxious when left alone for too long. Some dogs will resort to excessive barking, whining, or destructive chewing to relieve their frustration. Focus on your dog’s feelings of isolation and you’ll likely … Read more

Dogs and food aggression

[adsense-three] To understand food aggression you have to consider where the behavior comes from. Guarding food is a natural instinct that derives from a dog’s pack behavior. When other animals are a threat, a pack will guard its food in order to survive. This food aggression instinct exists in every dog and can be triggered … Read more