How to stop a dog from digging

[adsense-three] There are numerous reasons for dog digging. Your dog may want to dig a hole to keep warm in the winter or cool on a sunny day. He may be genetically predisposed to dig for mice or small animals, which is particularly true of certain breeds like terriers. Your dog could also be digging … Read more

How to stop a dog from biting

[adsense-three] Owning a dog that bites can be a serious issue. You need to be honest about how far your dog’s particular behavior problem has progressed before you can deal with it properly. There are lots of reasons why a dog will bite and there are several levels of biting, from a puppy that nips … Read more

Understanding coprophagia in dogs

One of the most discouraging and disgusting habits a dog can have is eating poop, a behavior known as coprophagia. This condition can develop for numerous reasons, including unclean living conditions during puppyhood or as a response to a medical condition. Rest assured that if the behavior is properly dealt with, most dogs can quickly overcome it.

How to analyze a dog’s behavior problem

[adsense-three] The first step in dealing with dog behavior problems is to understand why your dog acts the way he does. He probably didn.t turn bad overnight. (The exception would be irregular or aggressive behavior as a response to a medical condition.) Most behavior issues start small and grow out of control as the behavior … Read more