Top 10 World’s Cutest Puppy Breeds

A person holding a brown new born puppy on his arms

Although we could easily say that every puppy is as cute as a button, some dog breeds are beyond adorable. These puppy breeds surely make our hearts flutter when we see them, and their fluffiness is captivating!

Top 10 World’s Cutest Puppy Breeds

1. Dachshund

We’ve searched high and low, but it seems there isn’t a person who can resist Dachshund puppies. Their cute faces can melt even the coldest hearts, and their playfulness can easily entertain us all day long. Additionally, once they grow up, they stand out from the rest. The elongated shape of their bodies really does make them the cutest “sausage dogs.”

2. Pug

As the perfect middle between a toy dog and a small breed, Pugs are loved all around the world. Their huge eyes allow them to capture our hearts with just one glance, and their sweet demeanor is enchanting, to say the least. Best part? Even when they grow up, these dogs don’t lose their insane level of cuteness.

3. Shar-Pei

We have one word for you here: rolls! Indeed, the Shar-Pei is a breed famous for those cute rolls and an equally adorable snout. Thus, it’s no wonder most people immediately think of Shar-Pei puppies when someone mentions the cutest breeds out there. They’re very hard to resist due to their specific appearance, and they make for great pets.

4. Golden Retriever

One of the most family-friendly breeds out there is definitely the Golden Retriever. With soft, fluffy fur, a playful yet clumsy personality and admirable intelligence, Golden Retriever puppies can change our lives. They’re endearing, cuddly and always ready to play — what more could you ask for?

5. Beagle

Although Beagles are a bit stubborn and may wreak havoc around the house, a Beagle puppy is very hard to resist. It has eyes that will haunt our dreams and soft fur that’s difficult not to love. Overall, the cuteness of this highly intelligent breed is not overrated.

6. Samoyed

Known as a great companion, a Samoyed would be an incredible pet. It’s soft and fluffy, not to mention kind and one of the friendliest breeds there is. Unsurprisingly, those are the main reasons many people are after a Samoyed puppy. Who wouldn’t want a cute snowball running around the house?

7. Pomeranian

If we google “the fluffiest dog there is” right now, there’s a good chance we’ll get a photo of a Pomeranian. Indeed, this breed is cartoon-level cute and would probably win over the heart of a Disney villain too. Furthermore, Pomeranians stay somewhat small all their life, so having one is sort of like having a stuffed teddy bear that occasionally barks but loves to play.

8. Dalmatian

Although we wouldn’t recommend getting 101 dalmatians, it’s safe to say this breed is one of the cutest there is. The spots, the usually blue eyes, and those adorable snouts — it’s no wonder these puppies are as sought-after today as they were in their Disney era.

9. Jack Russell Terrier

Energetic and playful, a Jack Russell Terrier puppy gives “fun” an entirely new definition. The breed makes for a great pet, as these dogs can live in apartments without causing chaos each day. However, they need to be entertained and trained properly. Otherwise, their stubbornness can get a bit out of hand.

10. Saint Bernard

While the breed was popularized by “Beethoven” and its sequels, who can honestly say that they can resist a Saint Bernard? Chunky and fluffy, a Saint Bernard puppy is a furball with captivating eyes, the ultimate puppy face and a gentle demeanor. Still, no puppy stays small forever; an adult Saint Bernard can easily outgrow its owner!


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