How to crate train a dog

Crate training your dog is a great way to provide a safe, comfortable environment to keep him while you’re away or when you travel with him. And learning how to crate train a dog is a simple process if you take your time and allow your dog to get used to the idea at his own pace.

Tips for successful clicker training

Once you have a good idea of how clicker training works, keep the following tips in mind to perfect your technique and take your dog’s training to the next level. Remember that every click is a treat so once you’ve charged the clicker…

Clicker train your dog to stay

The stay command is usually combined with other obedience training commands like sit or down, as in sit-stays and down-stays. Once your dog can reliably respond to the different positional commands, clicker training him to stay in place just takes a little patience and practice.

Clicker train your dog to sit

[adsense-three] Using a clicker to teach your dog to sit on command is usually the easiest obedience training exercise to start with. You can either capture the behavior when he offers it or use a lure to guide your dog into the sit position. It all depends on how much he likes to sit on … Read more

What is dog clicker training?

[adsense-three] Based on the principles of operant conditioning, clicker training is a simple method of positive dog training. When your dog does something you want him to do you “mark” the behavior with a sound, usually the sound of a metal clicker. You then give him a reward such as a treat or favorite toy … Read more