Vegetarian diet for dogs

Can dogs live on a vegetarian diet? They most certainly can! Dogs aren’t strict carnivores which means they can survive and thrive on a diet without meat. To provide a balanced vegetarian diet for dogs requires a little more thought than a standard diet based on animal proteins. This is particularly true if you plan … Read more

Markers and motivators in positive training

The two most powerful tools in positive dog training are the marker and motivator. The marker tells your dog that the behavior he offered is correct and the motivator is the reward that follows the marker. With the proper marker and motivators you can train your dog to do almost anything.

The truth about dog obesity

A recent study by Purina found that people aren’t alone in their struggle with obesity. Over 60% of household pets in the United States are considered overweight. Even more surprising, over half of dog owners with obese dogs think their pets have an ideal body condition. What they don’t realize is how being overweight affects … Read more

Train your dog to focus attention

Once of the first and easiest clicker training exercises you should try is to get your dog to pay attention to you. This exercise will teach him to ignore distractions and check in with you wherever he’s at. He’ll have a greater awareness of you as pack leader and it can help when you teach … Read more

The right diet for your senior dog

[adsense-three] Once your dog has reached 75% of his expected life span, you should consider a new senior diet to maintain his health. At this stage of a dog’s life, his metabolism slows and he starts to lose some of his energy and verve. Proper nutrition is the best way to compensate for these changes … Read more