Why crate train your dog

[adsense-three] Some people consider crate training a dog to be mean or barbaric. However, if you take the time to see the crate from your dog’s perspective, you’ll find that crate training fulfills his innate desire for a safe place to call his own. Dogs are den animals. They want a secure, sheltered area to … Read more

Where, when, and how to train your dog

If you structure obedience training sessions to be short, simple, and positive, you and your dog will both look forward to working on the next big trick. Here are some tips on where, when, and what to train during a session.

What is puppy socialization?

[adsense-three] A socialized puppy is one that has been introduced to as many different sights, sounds, people, and situations as possible during his first few months of life (from approximately 3-4 weeks to 14 weeks of age). If a puppy isn’t properly socialized, as an adult dog he may react with fear or aggression toward … Read more

How to paper train a puppy or dog

Housebreaking a new puppy or dog can seem like a daunting task, particularly if you live in a high-rise apartment building or don’t have ready access to an outdoor area. In these situations, paper training can be a useful way to house train your dog until he can hold himself long enough to make trips outside less frequent.

Dog training the positive way

[adsense-three] There are generally two approaches to obedience training: positive dog training, also called lure/reward training, and force/punishment. In positive training, the emphasis is on rewarding the dog for correct behavior. Only later in the training process are reprimands used to ensure the dog understands a command. This is the opposite of the force/punishment school … Read more