Leash training a puppy

[adsense-three] A leash and collar are invaluable training tools that allow you to communicate with your puppy, they keep him safe and under your control, and most states require them when you take him to public places. You can begin leash training puppy within the first few days after he arrives home starting with the … Read more

Dog behavior and training

Your dog may like to watch TV with you, but he’s a wild animal at heart. He has many of the same instincts and drives that his ancestors did. With a little practice you can learn to use these behaviors to your advantage when you train your dog. Two of the most important dog behaviors for training are…

How to housebreak a puppy

Many owners dread housebreaking their puppy, but with a little knowledge it can be relatively painless. You can anticipate your puppy’s needs and reduce the chance of accidents with a simple schedule and a watchful eye.

How to housebreak a dog

The key to housebreaking your dog is to make it as easy as possible for him to succeed. If you schedule all of his activities and look for behavior that signals he needs to go out, you minimize the chance that an accident will occur and your dog will grow more confident as a result.

Tips on rewarding your dog

The following dog training tips will help you understand when and how to reward your dog to make obedience exercises as effective as possible. Your dog will learn quicker if you reward him at the precise moment he performs the desired action. When teaching the sit command, for instance…