Choosing the right dog trainer

[adsense-three] Joining a class taught by a professional dog trainer is an indispensable part of your dog’s obedience training. A professional can help you fine-tune the basics of obedience exercises and help you troubleshoot problems. A class setting also helps your dog learn to socialize and gives you an opportunity to meet other dog owners. … Read more

Teaching a dog to stay

[adsense-three] One of the most difficult obedience training exercises for a dog to learn is usually the stay command. Rather than getting rewarded for a particular action, when teaching your dog to stay the reward comes when he does nothing. It can be a hard concept for him to understand at first, but with patience … Read more

Teach your dog to sit on command

[adsense-three] Training your dog to sit is one of the easiest and most useful exercises in obedience training. The sit command can solve a number of simple behavior problems and put your dog on the road to being well-mannered. It’s the equivalent of teaching him to say “please” before greeting guests, going outside, eating dinner, … Read more

How to make a dog heel

[adsense-three] The purpose of teaching a dog to heel is to keep him by your side or slightly behind you so that he walks at your pace. Heeling can mean the difference between a leisurely walk around the block and being dragged down the sidewalk. As an obedience command, heeling is also useful on crowded … Read more

Teaching your dog the down command

[adsense-three] After your dog has learned to sit, you can build on his newfound knowledge to teach him to lay down on command. The down command is a great way to settle your dog if he gets too rambunctious. It can also keep him in place while you eat, clean the house, or do other … Read more