Tips to Follow when You Exercise with your Canine Companion during the Dog Days of Summer

Nothing is as great as a weekend spent outside with your fur baby in the sun running around and having a wonderful time but this can end in tragedy. Below are a few tips to follow before you head out the door for some summertime exercise with your canine friend.

Check the Weather

Yes, the temperature is very important but did you know that the humidity level is just as important. Why? The reason has to do with how a dog cools him/herself. Dogs pant and this panting is the way that the dog cools itself. As the dog breathes, it takes in dry air and expels through panting moist air. The moisture in the air then evaporates, which cools the dog down like air conditioning. But when the humidity level is high, this process does not work since the dog is breathing in moist air.

To keep the activity going even during times when the temperature and/or humidity is too high, consider doing your activity in the early morning or later on in the evening.

Take Breaks Often

Yes, you may think that your dog can outrun you but during warm weather break up these workouts to no more than 10 minute session three times a day. Also, listen to your dog. If your canine companion just sits down in the shade, take that clue that he/she needs to rest and cool down.

Do not Just Take a Drink for You

As you head outside for a bit of exercise, many of us take a bottle of water with us. If you are taking your canine companion on this same adventure you will need to not only pack water but also a dog friendly container. A basic bowl will work but if this item is too bulky, there are many protects on the market now that cater to this need.

Give Indoor Exercise a Try

When comes to outdoor exercise, there comes a time that you must consider moving your routine indoors. This is also true when it comes to your fur baby. While this article deals with summertime exercise, this fact is true anytime of the year when heat, rain, and/or snow make outdoor activities unsafe but…….that does not mean you and your pet should not exercise. No you do not want your dog running through your house tearing things up along the way and this is why you need a plan for those times. If you take a walk down a pet isle, you will find there are many protects out there for your dog to exercise with while indoors. Some of these products work the mind while other work the body. Utilizing different tools such as these while you are stuck indoors exercising will improve the bond between you and your dog and keep you both safe.

The dog days of summer can be a wonderful time for you and your dog just remember that safety should be on the top of your exercise goals before you ever head out the door.