Best CBD Oil for Hyper Dogs: Calm Your Pup The Natural Way

Is there something that will help us when obedience training, treats, and positive reinforcements fail? Is there anything that can calm our dogs when they get so hyperactive that we can no longer contain them? Yes, CBD oil for hyper dogs! Hyperactive dogs usually lack self-control. As adorable as they are, we simply can’t have … Read more

10 Common Dog Behavior Problems & Solutions

Dog lying on a mess of things that it broke

Dogs are among the most common household pets for plenty of reasons — they are loyal, intelligent, and have the ability to provide us humans with an amazing sense of well-being. However, just like any other living thing, dogs can exhibit behavior problems. If we are aware of the most common dog behavior problems, we … Read more

How to Paper Train Your Small Dog

small dog reading newspaper in the bathroom

Paper training your dog is essential if you have a 9-to-5 job, live in a building, or you’re simply not able to take your pup out as often as you should. For those of you interested in learning the best paper-training method, this article will give you all the information you need to successfully potty … Read more

How to DIY Obedience Train Your Dog

Woman training her dog by the beach during sunset

We can’t call ourselves responsible dog owners if we haven’t mastered basic obedience training with our dogs. And, yes, you’ll notice that we say “we” because both the dog and the owner should master it. Some people take their furry friends to a professional trainer. We’re not disregarding that option, but we prefer to try … Read more

5 Essential Basic Commands to Train a Puppy

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Training your new puppy can be a fun experience for both you and your dog. The key is being patient and understanding while always offering positive reinforcement. Ultimately, there’s no need to take your dog to a pet trainer, as you can teach it all these commands by yourself. So, for all you new dog … Read more

Best Indestructible Dog Collars of 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide

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Your doggy deserves the best of life. We’re talking about the best food, the best care, the best squeaky toys and, of course, the best collars. And if there’s one thing we dog lovers all know, it’s that dogs love to chew anything they can get their canines on. Chewing is fine if your dog … Read more

Best Dog Harness for Car Travel of 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide

Person puts on car harness onto small white dog seatbelt

Imagine going for a drive with your best buddy in the front seat. The air flowing through its hair (as well as yours), the roaring sound of the engine, different vistas passing you by as you look through the windows… It’s definitely awesome, but you’ll admit, there’s a risk of either one of you getting … Read more

Best Indestructible Dog Crate Pads in 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide

Old dog lying in a crate on a chew proof pet pad

Chewing is a not-at-all-surprising problem among dogs, especially if they’re often left alone and get bored in the meantime. Pooches love chewing on pretty much anything — shoes, furniture, and yes, even their own beds. Because of that, frustration is a common occurrence among dog owners — and finding indestructible dog-proof equipment an absolute necessity. … Read more

10 Best Dog Collars of 2020 Reviewed

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Every dog owner knows how important it is to buy a durable collar for their furry companion. It’s not just about making sure your dog doesn’t bite through it, but also about making sure your dog feels comfortable wearing it. To give you an idea of which ones to consider, we’ve made a list of … Read more

Best-Rated Dog Stroller of 2020 | Reviews & Buying Guide

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Our dogs are like our babies — we try to take good care of them, protect them from any harm, and, in most cases, we try to take them with us everywhere we go. Having a stroller would only make that easier. When our dog is in its stroller, we can rest assured that it … Read more

Best Dog Harness Reviews of 2020

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Using a dog harness will only make it easier for dog owners to take their dogs for walks and on adventures. That reduces the risk of the dog getting lost or chasing a passing cyclist. Here are 5 factors that make an ideal dog harness: Comfort Adjustability (because dogs come in different sizes) Easy movement … Read more

Best CBD Dog Treats, Cookies & Hemp Chews For Your Puppy

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Vets write tons of prescriptions. In fact, half the revenue for the typical veterinary office comes from the medications it prescribes. So the chances are good that, sooner or later, you’re going to have to dose your dog. And that means dealing with one of the thorniest problems any dog owner will ever face: how … Read more

10 Best Collars for Dog Training

In order to train a dog, we need proper equipment, and sometimes, even a bit of vibration. Thus, the following ten best collars for dog training will surely help you keep your pooch under control. Obedience is never easy, but with the right accessory, it’s possible to achieve it! 1. Digoo Remote Dog Training Collar … Read more

Best Organic Dog Food Brands Review (2020)

You might be wondering what makes organic food so good for our dogs. The answer is simple: for the same reason, it’s good for us. It’s made out of the best possible natural ingredients without any artificial flavors, coloring, or preservatives. That means that the meat in it comes from free-range chickens and grass-fed cattle, … Read more

How To Make A Dog Collar On Your Own

Crafting, in general, is a very satisfying process. It can be healing both for the heart and mind. But what can make us feel even better is making something for our loved ones. And our dogs certainly fit into that category! In this article, we’ll show you how to make a dog collar on your … Read more

What Is The Best Age To Breed A Female Dog?

Did you know that dogs reach sexual maturity before they reach physical maturity? What’s interesting is they are not ready to mate until they’ve reached the latter stage. So it is highly likely, you as a dog owner would try to breed your dog before it is ready. Unfortunately, by making that mistake, you could … Read more