Does your Dog need an Anxiety Blanket?

The other day I was watching a show and a pet store commercial came on. The just of this commercial was the fact that a young man had adopted a puppy and needed advice as to what he would need. As luck would have it, the pet store had everything and as a matter of fact had several choices. The employee assured the new pet parent that she would help him get what he needed. No worries.

As the commercial continues, new items appear as the dog ages and mature along with this young man’s life. But…….one item caught my eye. What was it? Well, it was an anti-anxiety vest.

Yes, I know the question is does your dog need an anxiety blanket and the answer is simple. No. Anxiety blankets are designed for human use. They are too heavy and are filled with plastic beads, which create the weight for the blanket. If your dog is a chewer then this is a big problem. On the other hand, the anti-anxiety vests and wraps are intended for dogs. Their weight is more conducive for dogs and since there are straps there is no need for the “filling.” But the question remains, does your dog need an anti-anxiety vest or wrap?

To answer this question, you will need to observe your dog. If he/she shakes, cries, hides, etc during storms or times of loud noise then you may want to consider an anti-anxiety vest or wrap. On the other hand, if the answer is no then do not spend your money on this item.

The question still remains, does this product work? There have been studies done that shows that something “wrapped” around a dog can calm him/her down. For some dogs, this item lowers the heart rate and due to the skin contact of the vest or wrap it has been found to release oxytocin. This body chemical release lowers blood pressure and aids in social bonding. In just, it helps the body become calm.

While more studies need to be done on this technique, it does appear that for some dogs having something wrapped around them makes them feel safe. The key though is to always remember that your fur baby is just that a pet and it is unsafe to use a human anti-anxiety blanket for reasons mentioned previously. But if your pet suffers from anxiety, give this new product a try.