Five clicker training myths

Clicker training is fast becoming the method of choice when training a dog through positive means. But there are some widespread misunderstandings that could make it hard to know if it’s right for you and your dog. The following are five myths about clicker training, both negative and positive, as well as information you can … Read more

Why your dog pees in the house

One of the most common problems in house training is a dog that pees in the house or just won’t wait until you take him outside. Even after weeks of patience and practice, some dogs don’t seem to grasp what we think is a simple concept: DON’T GO IN THE HOUSE! If you’ve followed all … Read more

Vegetarian diet for dogs

Can dogs live on a vegetarian diet? They most certainly can! Dogs aren’t strict carnivores which means they can survive and thrive on a diet without meat. To provide a balanced vegetarian diet for dogs requires a little more thought than a standard diet based on animal proteins. This is particularly true if you plan … Read more

Markers and motivators in positive training

The two most powerful tools in positive dog training are the marker and motivator. The marker tells your dog that the behavior he offered is correct and the motivator is the reward that follows the marker. With the proper marker and motivators you can train your dog to do almost anything.

The truth about dog obesity

A recent study by Purina found that people aren’t alone in their struggle with obesity. Over 60% of household pets in the United States are considered overweight. Even more surprising, over half of dog owners with obese dogs think their pets have an ideal body condition. What they don’t realize is how being overweight affects … Read more