Setting rules for dogs and kids

[adsense-three] A study by the American Animal Hospital Association found what most people already knew to be true: parents are the primary caretakers of their children’s pets. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. If you set a few rules for dogs and kids before bringing home a puppy, you can get your kids … Read more

Bringing home a puppy

Your new puppy may not be excited about going home with you. You’re taking him away from his family and all he’s ever known, which can make for a stressful situation. But, with a little preparation, you can ease his mind and set the tone of your friendship from your first car ride together.

Before adopting a puppy or dog

Eight to ten million animals are abandoned to shelters every year, a quarter of them purebred dogs according to Humane Society estimates. Before you adopt a puppy or dog only to find out he’s not what you bargained for, ask yourself three simple questions.

Dog rescue shelters

[adsense-three] You can find a loving companion and give a good pet a second chance by adopting from a dog rescue shelter. Most dogs in animal shelters are at least a year old and some may have been abandoned because of behavior or health problems. But, with the right questions and a keen eye, you … Read more