How to choose a dog leash

[adsense-three] Picking the right dog leash is a simple task if you keep in mind that, above all else, it’s a training tool. A fifty dollar leash with a leopard print won’t be of much use if it doesn’t allow you to keep your dog under control. The best leash is one that will help … Read more

Wire crates

A crate is probably one of the first purchases you’ll make after adopting a new puppy. Not only does a crate expedite the house training process, it provides your dog someplace safe to call his own. Below you’ll find the pros and cons of a wire dog crate, one of the many types of crates available. Some of the advantages of wire crates include…

Where to find a dog breeder

[adsense-three] Once you’ve settled on a particular breed with the characteristics you’re looking for, you’ll need to find a dog breeder who’s both reputable and responsible. There’s no substitute for a knowledgeable breeder when you’re looking to adopt a healthy purebred puppy, but it can be difficult to separate the breeder’s with your best interests … Read more

Why not buy a pet shop puppy?

[adsense-three] You’re in the mall and walk by a pet store. All of the children have their faces pressed against the glass to get the attention of the puppies in their cages. Some are sleeping and some are romping. When the pet shop worker takes one from the cage and gives it to you, he’s … Read more

Are you ready for a dog?

[adsense-three] Whether you should get a dog depends on what your expectations are of owning one. We have a list of questions to ask before you adopt a dog that can help you decide if your lifestyle and environment are right for raising a pet. But before you look at these, it’s more important to … Read more