How To Choose A Puppy That’s Right For You

With hundreds of breeds to pick from and countless numbers of mixed breed dogs available, choosing a puppy or dog can seem like an overwhelming task. If you just head out into the world looking for a cute puppy, you may end up with an adult dog that’s too big, too active, or just doesn’t fit you. The key to narrowing the field of choices is to first focus on you, including your environment, lifestyle, and expectations. What you learn about yourself will guide you in choosing a dog that’s your perfect companion.

Environment, lifestyle, and expectations

Where you live, how you live, and what you want from a dog should all be factored into your choice. If you live in an apartment, you should probably consider a smaller dog breed. If you’re active and want a jogging companion, then a dog from a sporting breed may be right for you. Whether a dog is good with children or has the breeding to be a show champion may be on your list of requirements. Whatever your particular situation, there’s likely a purebred or mixed breed dog that fits you. All dogs have their own personalities, of course, but choosing a puppy or dog means adopting one that best fits your life.

Use the information in the articles below to get an idea of the type of puppy or dog you’re looking for.

Deciding which puppy to take home

Once you’ve done your research to determine the characteristics you want in a puppy or dog, it’s time to pick out your new friend. The following articles will help you in choosing a puppy that’s healthy and happy.


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