Chewing is a not-at-all-surprising problem among dogs, especially if they’re often left alone and get bored in the meantime. Pooches love chewing on pretty much anything — shoes, furniture, and yes, even their own beds. Because of that, frustration is a common occurrence among dog owners — and finding indestructible dog-proof equipment an absolute necessity.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered here today to figure out just which crate pads can resist the sharp teeth of our dogs. The market is overflowing with all sorts of pads made out of almost entirely chew-proof materials. Granted, we cannot expect them to last forever. But, it would help to know the pad could last a fortnight, at least!

Best Indestructible Dog Crate Pads in 2020

K9 Ballistics Tough Crate Pad

Though the K9 crate pad won’t last forever if you have a particularly determined dog (Pit Bulls are notoriously stubborn), it will definitely last longer than a regular pad. With a sealed design and a rip-stop cover, the pad should survive light to moderate chewing without much hassle.
Though the K9 crate pad won’t last forever if you have a particularly determined dog (Pit Bulls are notoriously stubborn), it will definitely last longer than a regular pad. With a sealed design and a rip-stop cover, the pad should survive light to moderate chewing without much hassle.

What we love the most about this pad is the design. It doesn’t have any zippers or openings that could easily tempt the dog to chew it. It’s sealed through and through — there aren’t even any Velcro enclosures. Thus, we wouldn’t be able to take the stuffing out, and neither would the dog.

The pad also comes with a waterproof cover, which further prevents any rips. And speaking of those, the rip-stop cover is its main selling point. This cover will prevent tiny tears from becoming larger. As such, it’s an excellent means to an end when it comes to preventing digging and scratching.

As far as maintenance goes, we love the fact that the pad is machine-washable (cold cycle only). Sure, we cannot remove the cover, but at least we don’t have to wash it by hand. Furthermore, there’s a 120-warranty we can use if, for some reason, the pad is ripped to shreds in less than six months. However, you can only get one replacement.

+ Things we liked
  • Industrial strength ballistic nylon
  • Great range of colors
  • Available in six different sizes, including toy
  • Will withstand light to moderate chewing
  • Durable
  • Rip-stop material that prevents larger holes
  • 120-day warranty
  • Machine-washable

– Things we didn’t like
  • Isn’t as affordable as some other models
  • Not durable enough if you have a particularly stubborn large dog
  • Cannot handle heavy chewing

HuggleHounds TuffutLuxx Mat

The K9 might be too expensive for some dog owners who have seen their dogs destroy stuff more than a few times already and would like to stop wasting their money. If that’s the case with you too, the HuggleHounds mat could be the right choice then. It is almost as durable as the K9, as it can withstand light to moderate chewing as well.

The design of this mat is what drew us in immediately, as it looks a bit regal. However, we all know that the design doesn’t play a part when it comes to chewing. What matters is that it is as chew-proof as a crate pad can be — but it won’t last forever.

There is a huge flaw in the design that prevents this pad from being a huge hit — we can remove the stuffing. The zipper is hidden, but it’s not enough to prevent determined dogs from destroying the pad entirely and taking all of the stuffing out. Additionally, the cover crinkles a bit when the dog moves, so if you have a particularly nervous dog, this might irritate it further.

Still, there are four layers it would have to chew through, and the pad itself is water-resistant as well. The price isn’t bad either — the mat comes with a great price to quality ratio and a one-time replacement warranty. Just remember it’s not meant for heavy chewers; no material can stop them!

+ Things we liked
  • Machine-washable cover
  • Available in five sizes
  • Doesn’t cost much
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Four-layer design

– Things we didn’t like
  • Cannot withstand heavy chewing
  • Not waterproof, just water-resistant
  • You can remove the stuffing (the zipper is the pad’s weak spot)
  • The cover may crinkle and irritate the dog whenever it moves
  • Only three colors available

K&H Pet Products K-9 Ruff n’ Tuff Pad

For dog owners who only have to deal with light chewing from time to time, Ruff n’ Tuff pad is an affordable choice that doesn’t disappoint. The design itself is eye-pleasing, and there are a few sizes available. Unfortunately, though, you can only get this pad in two colors.

Still, the colors don’t matter — it’s the durability that counts. If the pad is supposed to fend off a light chewer, it will do its job well. However, anything harder than that means the pad will end up in pieces soon.

Now, don’t think for a second that the pad isn’t that durable because it’s cheaply made. The mat features a rip-stop exterior that should prevent larger holes. But, the cover is not the problem — it’s the seams. They aren’t well made, so the dog will easily rip through them and take the stuffing out. On the bright side, though, the mat is excellent for diggers and smaller dogs who cannot do much damage anyway.

+ Things we liked
  • Rip-stop polyester fabric
  • Available in four sizes
  • Neutral colors
  • Comfortable and well-padded
  • Doesn’t cost an arm and a leg
  • Machine-washable

– Things we didn’t like
  • Only two colors available
  • The seams are too weak
  • Suitable for light chewers and diggers only

Big Barker Crate Pad

This pad is the only entry on our list that isn’t actually as chew-proof as we want it to be. In fact, it is not at all indestructible since it consists of two layers of orthopedic foam. However, we wanted to include it in this list as it’s an incredibly comfortable option for diggers and overall a somewhat durable crate pad.

Made by a reputable company, the Big Barker crate pad doesn’t have polyfill stuffing. Instead, the manufacturer layered two types of foam to get a thick crate pad that is just as comfortable as it looks.

The lower layer is support foam that should prevent the dog from sinking all the way to the floor once it lays down, while the top layer is comfort foam, which molds itself to the dog’s joints, thus relieving pressure points. As such, this pad is an incredible option for dogs who have joint problems, such as hip dysplasia and arthritis.

Other features that made us check out this pad include the tear-resistant and machine-washable cover, as well as the heavy-duty zipper.

In the end, we cannot say that the pad will last that long if the dog is set on destroying it. The foam stuffing won’t stand a chance when it comes in contact with sharp teeth. Still, if your only issue is digging or nesting, this is one of the best crate beds you can opt for.

+ Things we liked
  • Tear-resistant, removable cover
  • Machine-washable
  • Available in four sizes
  • Extremely comfortable (foam interior)
  • Waterproof (you can simply wipe down the cover in case of an “accident”)

– Things we didn’t like
  • Only available in one color
  • Not chew-proof (suitable for digging or nesting only)

goDog Bed with Chew Guard Technology

Now, at first glance, the goDog bed seems like a regular crate pad you can find pretty much anywhere. However, the Chew Guard technology is what makes it so unique. It was designed with chewing in mind, and more often than not, it can withstand quite a bit of it.

Nevertheless, we would recommend this pad for light chewers only purely because some dogs find plush covers quite tempting. Additionally, the pad itself is not as thick as we would like it to be, although the manufacturer has done everything in their power to make it durable enough to withstand determined chewers. The internal mesh is attached to the cover, which should prevent the dog from ripping it in shreds. Also, the seams have been reinforced for added protection.

As far as comfort goes, dogs seem to like this pad as the bolstered border is well padded and comfortable to lie on. Furthermore, the plush material is super soft, so every dog should love sleeping on this pad. There are also six sizes available, a few color options, and you even get a 30-day replacement guarantee.

Overall, this is another affordable, stylish option for light chewers that may not be completely indestructible but will last longer than a regular mat.

+ Things we liked
  • Available in a few neutral colors
  • Six different sizes
  • Bolster border that makes resting on the pad more comfortable
  • Reinforced seams and non-skid bottom
  • The internal mesh is attached to the cover so as to prevent tears
  • Machine-washable (cold cycle only)

– Things we didn’t like
  • For light chewers only
  • Not as durable as you might expect (the fabric simply isn’t strong enough)

Indestructible Crate Pads Are Just a Temporary Solution

Now, we know that most dog owners just want to get a pad that would finally last longer than a week or two. But, it’s essential to address the problem at hand before it becomes a huge nuisance. Excessive chewing is not normal, and it usually stems from anxiety, stress, lack of proper physical exercise, and boredom.

All these issues can grow into a much larger problem as the dog gets older and more “set in its own ways.” Thus, if we notice that the puppster is still chewing on everything, including the pad, we ought to visit a vet to get a proper diagnosis. We can keep buying pad after pad every month, but the dog may be suffering internally — and that is the real problem we should aim to solve.

What to Do About the Chewing

  • Make sure the dog gets enough exercise each day. It needs to run around to stay active, and it should socialize with other dogs so as not to get bored. Therefore, aim to get in a few walks each day.
  • Rely on chew toys. Dogs are unlikely to chew on other stuff if they have plenty of chew toys to rely on. Get as many of them as possible, and keep a few in the crate as well to prevent the dog from going for the pad instead.
  • Reduce anxiety and stress. Aim to make your home a peaceful oasis for the dog by reducing its anxiety whenever possible. If it’s afraid of noise, don’t let it outside when there are fireworks. Similarly, work on its fears and stress with a pet behaviorist. Sometimes, there are some internal struggles the dog just cannot handle, which is why it resorts to chewing to calm itself down.

What to Pay Attention to When Shopping for a Dog Crate Pad


The material is what we first have to consider, as it is the first line of defense against the dog’s teeth. Therefore, any cheaper materials that wouldn’t even protect the pad from a baby won’t do — we can immediately exclude microfiber and thin cotton.

More long-lasting materials include denim, ballistic nylon, and canvas. Canvas and denim are especially great as they aren’t so enticing to dogs. They don’t like the texture, so they probably won’t even bother chewing pads made out of these two materials. Ballistic nylon, on the other hand, is extremely tough, so much so that not even a knife can get through it easily.


Apart from the material, we ought to pay attention to the thickness of the pad. The thinner it is, the less likely it will survive the dog’s teeth. Therefore, we should look for pads that have multiple layers. These layers will obviously make the pad last longer, and they might even discourage the dog from continuing to chew — it does get tiresome after a while!


If the dog crate pad we’ve chosen seems more like a toy than a bed, it’s likely that the dog will treat it like one too. It needs to feel as if the pad is there to provide it with comfort — it’s not there for its entertainment. Because of that, we do need to pay attention to the size as well. The crate pad has to fit the crate well so that it’s not that easy to fiddle with and chew.


Of course, one of the most important factors to consider is how durable the pad is. If most users say that a pad is not that great for chewers and diggers, we ought to look for another model.

However, it’s essential to try a few brands as well just to see what the dog loves chewing and what it wants to avoid. We’ve said that most dogs don’t like denim — but your dog might want to rip through a denim pad as soon as it sees it!

So, even though you cannot expect the pad to last forever, you should try a few types to see how long each one can survive. In most cases, pads that have reinforced seams, hidden zippers (or no zippers at all), and an extremely tough cover last the longest.


We cannot forget that the pad should be not only indestructible but also easy to maintain. There’s no use in a crate pad that’s virtually impossible to rip through if we have to hand-wash it every time.

If the pad has multiple layers, the thickness of each layer will add to its weight when it’s wet. It will take much too long to dry, making both our and the dog’s life absolutely miserable. So, the right choice is always a machine-washable pad; if it has a cute design, even better.

A waterproof cover would definitely make your life easier, as well. You’d only really need to wipe the pad down — no need to wash it each time.


Finally, it’s essential to look for a pad that comes with a lengthy warranty. Of course, we cannot expect the warranty to last for years. But, a few months should be enough to determine whether the pad is well made or not.

Most manufacturers offer at least a 30-day warranty. If the dog manages to destroy the pad within that time frame, they may send a one-time replacement. Still, if that happens, i.e., the pad is in pieces after just a month, get the replacement and use it until you find another brand.

Consider the fact that longer warranties are usually determined for high-quality products. Therefore, if you want to stay on the safe side and get a quality pad without having to go through the duds, look for warranties that last anywhere from a few months to a year.

Final Thoughts

Although none of these dog crate pads are truly indestructible (there is no such thing), we can safely say that they will last you longer than regular mats.

In the end, the choice depends on the level of chewing you’re dealing with, as well as the price point you don’t want to go over. For dog owners who need a really tough pad because they have a stubborn dog that just won’t give up, the K9 pad is the best choice. However, if your only issue is some light to mild chewing, the HuggleHounds pad is a budget-friendly alternative that should stay in one piece for a while.