Before adopting a dog

Before you decide to adopt a dog, you should make sure you’re ready to take on the responsibility of caring for a pet throughout his entire life. On average, dogs live for ten to twelve years, which means your new best friend is going to be around for a good part of your life. Through career changes, moves to new cities, and many of your personal triumphs and tragedies, a dog will be there for you. Choosing to adopt a dog is like adding a new member to the family.

You should consider the big picture of dog ownership before you take the plunge. Are you willing to afford the costs of properly caring for a pet including veterinarian and grooming expenses? Will a dog fit your lifestyle and be comfortable in your home? Is a pet dog really what you want or need in your life right now? These may be difficult questions to answer, but taking the time to do so before you adopt a dog will ensure you’re ready for one.

The following links will help you determine whether a puppy or dog is right for you.

If you’re ready to adopt a dog or puppy, you’ll need the right supplies to make him feel at home.

A dog can add immeasurable joy to your life, but you’ll have to commit yourself to learning and growing with him. That’s what having a best friend is all about.


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