Signs that your Dog is Depressed

There is a big debate as to whether dogs feel sadness as humans do. But regardless of what name you give the mood, dogs do exhibit signs through their behaviors that something is not right. What can trigger this change is their environment.

Before I go on, I would like to describe an example of this through the life of my neighbor’s dog. I live in the country and have known this dog for 15 plus years. Many changes in the dog’s environment have happened and mostly this change has occurred as his “pack” changed. This dog’s pack consisted of his owner’s parents. First, the father passed away when he was very young and his environment changed. This man stayed at home and would relate to the dog throughout the day as his wife and son worked. Once this change happened, he was left inside all day until his human family came home. Many years later, the wife passed. It was a long process but throughout it the dog was always there. Now, he is left with his owner. This individual works all day and really does not play or work with his canine companion. Yes, he lets him out but no more hunting, no more adventures, the only thing he has to look forward to is to be let out to potty. As I see this beloved friend cross my yard, I see the sadness and boredom across his face as he slowly goes along through life’s journey.

Now experts say that what I see is not depression since dog’s live in the moment. If the remaining owner played with his dog, the symptoms would disappear. Yes, I do agree but sometimes science just does not know. In this case, this dog’s pack has been reduced to one who no longer interacts with his companion. But what can one do, I mean you do have to be away from your fur baby? Well, the answer is not as complicated as one may think.

First, truly spend time with your companion. If you are going to own a dog then you need to commit to this task. I mean, you are their family, their pack and in doing so you need to be a part of their life. Two, take them outside for exercise. This will do two things. First, it will allow your dog to run and play. Exercise is proven to decrease depression and raise the spirits of humans. This is also true when it comes to dogs. The second reason you need to take your dog outside is it helps you build on the relationship you have between man and beast. A stronger relationship will reduce negative behaviors of your dog and trustworthiness that you will always return to the pack.