10 Best Dog Collars of 2020 Reviewed

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Every dog owner knows how important it is to buy a durable collar for their furry companion. It’s not just about making sure your dog doesn’t bite through it, but also about making sure your dog feels comfortable wearing it.

To give you an idea of which ones to consider, we’ve made a list of the top 10 best dog collars available on the market. We’ll also provide you with a list of the pros and cons of each one so you can choose the best possible collar for your pet.

Premium Design dog collar

One of the most durable collar materials is nylon, which is why the Premium Design dog collar is one of the top brands available. Not only that, but the buckle is chrome-coated, which ensures that your dog won’t scratch or bite through it.

One of the best things about this collar, apart from the durability, is that it comes in a variety of colors. You can choose from colors like royal blue, turquoise, neon green, and others to match your dog’s coat.

The only thing that we aren’t so crazy about is that the collar isn’t as flexible as some of the other brands. However, it’s available in customizable sizes, so we’re sure you won’t have any trouble finding the right size for your pet.

Rogz Utility large reflective fanbelt

What we love most about reflective collars is that they keep your pet safe from getting lost in the dark. Besides, the lockable buckle is incredibly durable, so there’s little chance of it getting loose in the first place.

Like the previous brand, the Rogz collar is available in a variety of different colors. Ultimately, if you have a Dalmatian, Boxer, or Doberman, this collar is is perfect for your dog.

On the downside, the plastic buckle could be a bit more durable, so there’s always room for improvement. But, if your dog doesn’t continuously try to bite it off, there’s no reason for it to break.

Kurgo Waterproof dog collar

For those pups who enjoy jumping into the water whenever they get a chance, the Kurgo Waterproof dog collar is the best choice. It’s both water-resistant and dirt-proof. Furthermore, it keeps off all types of bacteria, making it easy to maintain.

We can’t really find anything we don’t love about this collar. It even comes with a lifetime warranty, which means the manufacturers are confident in their product.

PetSafe Gentle Leader head collar

When it comes to collars, PetSafe has consistently been one of the best brands around, and this collar is no exception. By far, one of the best features is the No-Pull Head Collar, as it gives you complete control of your dog. All you have to do is give the collar a light tug, and it will stop your dog from barking and running at people.

However, this collar is for smaller breeds, so consider that before you decide to purchase it.

GoTags reflective dog collar

If you’re looking for a custom embroidered dog collar, we highly recommend that you check out the GoTags collar. It’s perfect for pets that tend to run away, as it’s reflective and it features your dog’s name and your phone number.

Yet again, this one is for smaller breeds, so keep that in mind. To be honest, we can hardly wait for the brand to come out with a sturdier design for larger breeds!

Illumiseen LED collar

When it comes to LED collars, Illumiseen is definitely one of the top brands for all dog-owners. When your dog is wearing this collar, you’ll be able to spot it a mile away!

That also means that drivers will be able to see your pet if it runs away at night, which can ultimately save its life.

On the downside, the charging port isn’t all that sturdy, so that’s something that could definitely use some improvement.

Lionet Paws bowtie collar

Before we get into our review, we’d like to say that this collar is specifically for smaller breeds.

In fact, it’s more of a fashion statement, so only dog-owners with trained pups should consider purchasing it. It’s incredibly comfortable, as it’s made from soft cotton fabric.

Overall, this is by far the cutest one on our list!

Perri’s Padded Leather collar

If you’re looking for a simple design, this is it. Overall, it has a classic look, and it’s made from durable leather. That makes it a great combination of durability and simplicity.

However, this brand differs from others when it comes to sizing, so you’ll need to measure your dog’s neck circumference carefully.

Mighty Paw padded neoprene collar

The Mighty Paw collar is perfect for highly-active pets. It’s made from durable, non-tearable reflective material. Furthermore, it’s even water-proof.

Unfortunately, the hook and loop lock feature can be a bit difficult to handle at times. Otherwise, the collar is one of the most durable ones on our list.

OneTigris adjustable military collar

This stylish collar is just the thing you need to make your pet look fierce! It’s perfect for German shepherds, Boxers, and Dobermans. The OneTigris is also incredibly durable, and comfortable due to its interior cushion pad.

Unfortunately, the buckle isn’t rust-proof, so make sure to take it off when your dog goes swimming.


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