Best Indestructible Dog Collars of 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide

Tough dog wearing an indestructible collar in a dark background

Your doggy deserves the best of life. We’re talking about the best food, the best care, the best squeaky toys and, of course, the best collars. And if there’s one thing we dog lovers all know, it’s that dogs love to chew anything they can get their canines on.

Chewing is fine if your dog has a toy for it. Just like human babies, puppies go through teething, and chewing helps the baby teeth grow. In addition, chewing is great for cleaning gums and keeping each and every tooth clean and healthy.

However, if our dogs start chewing furniture, shoes, other objects, or their own collars, we have a problem on our hands. Some experts call it destructive chewing, but us pet owners simply refer to it as ‘annoying.’ Nobody likes to have their favorite pair of sneakers gnawed beyond recognition. But it’s far more dangerous for the dog if it starts chewing on its own collar. Not only will the pup be hard to find if it gets lost without the collar, but it can also choke on a collar piece. For these reasons and others, it’s highly important that you get a chew-proof collar.

Well, dog owners, you’re in luck. We have for you a list of the best chew proof dog collars of 2020. Each of these collars has been tested, and whichever product you pick, your doggo will benefit from it. We’ve also included a handy buyer’s guide to help you pick the perfect collar your best friend needs.

Best Chew-Proof Dog Collars in 2020

OneTigris Military

The very name OneTigris Military inspires confidence. And it honestly does look like a military-grade collar. Of course, looks aren’t everything, and OneTigris made sure that their Military collar lives up to the name.

First, there’s the material. The Military is made of a thick, durable nylon strap. Tearing this baby apart will not be an easy job for your pupper. But more importantly, it has a soft, padded inner lining. Your best friend will not feel any discomfort wearing this thick, strong collar around its neck when you take it out for a walk. And for your convenience, there’s also a slot for a custom patch or tag. It’s velcro, so you can replace it anytime you want.

So, what makes the Military a part of this list? The short answer is ‘durability on all fronts.’ The nylon collar sports a metal buckle and leash ring. In other words, two bits of the collar that the doggy will never be able to chew through. More importantly, it’s a traditional buckle, not a clip-on like most modern collars have. Not only is it strong and chew-proof but also extremely easy to put on and remove.


  • Made from durable nylon
  • Lots of padding in the inner lining
  • Metal buckle and D-ring for the leash
  • Special spot for a customized dog-tag or patch
  • Comes in three different sizes


  • The traditional buckle might be a bit complicated for dog owners who are used to clip-on buckles

Black Rhino Comfort

With a choice of five different colors and five sizes, the Black Rhino Comfort is off to a great start. Just like the Military, the Comfort is an extremely durable little collar. While it’s definitely chew-proof, it’s also spectacular if you have a playful, hyper dog that tends to run around everywhere. You’ll definitely not see this collar snap in two when you take your buddy out for a walk in the park.

But what’s the inside of the collar like? Well, unlike the Military, the Comfort sports neoprene padding, which is amazing when it comes to comfort. In addition, you can take your dog out during rainfall or to the beach. Water does not damage neoprene as it is a quick-dry material. Plus, you can say goodbye to any and all odors.

Then there’s the reflective stitching of the Comfort. Let’s say your pup is out there in the blazing morning sun or the bleakness of night and you can’t find it. The stitching of Black Rhino Comfort will reflect all light and you’ll find your friend easily.

Finally, there’s the design. Once again, we have a dog collar with a traditional buckle, but this one has only one prong. It might not be as sturdy as two-prong-buckled leashes, but it’ll still do the job right.


  • Neoprene padding
  • Durable material prevents tears and damage
  • Quick-dry and retains no odor
  • Reflective stitching for early morning or late night walks
  • Five colors and sizes


  • A single prong at the buckle makes it less safe than other options out there

LupinePet Adjustable

Don’t leave just yet, we know that LupinePet Adjustable looks less durable than other collars we mentioned. However, there are important reasons why it made it to this list, and you might just end up buying this little beauty later.

LupinePet Adjustable might appear like any other dollar store collar with the plastic buckle and the simple stitching. However, therein lies the genius. The Adjustable is made from incredibly durable, chew and tear-proof jacquard nylon webbing. If anything is going to stop your doggy from chewing on any collar, it’s this type of material. But it doesn’t end there. Remember the ‘simple stitching’ we mentioned earlier? Well, if we look closely at it, we see that LupinePet folks chose it for a reason. It’s ultrafine, strong and almost unsnappable bar tack stitching which outdoorsmen and adventurers use. In other words, it’s stitching you’d find on backpacks, sails, jackets, and even some boots.

Of course, if your dog manages to somehow chew through it, don’t be alarmed. LupinePet will send an immediate replacement in case it happens.


  • Durable jacquard nylon webbing
  • Bar tack stitching for extra durability
  • Strong, yet comfortable for dogs to wear
  • Replacements provided in case the pet chews through one
  • Choice of multiple colors and sizes


  • The plastic buckle is not as safe as the metal buckles of other products on the market

Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty

If the LupinePit Adjustable looked nothing like a proper tough chew-proof collar, then the Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty is the polar opposite. We’ll get to why it’s extremely durable soon, but for now, let’s focus on the looks of this masterpiece. The buckle, the material, the choice of colors, the logo positioning — everything has that ‘I’m one tough number’ feel to it. And we can’t get enough of the Tuff Pupper.

So, what’s ‘heavy-duty’ about Heavy Duty? First off, there’s the 3 mm thick ballistic nylon body. This collar can withstand a lot of damage. Your puppy might be tough, but nothing beats the strength and durability of Heavy Duty. Next, did you spot the stretchy bungee handle? That right there will help you pull your dog close to you if you’re going through a crowd. Just don’t tug on it too tightly for your dog’s safety.

Lastly, there’s the metal buckle. Once again we have a traditional one, and once again it has a single prong. However, the design of the prong and the holes is durable, so there’s little chance that the collar will snap. And of course, there’s little chance that your buddy will chew through it.


  • 3 mm thick ballistic nylon material
  • Stretchy bungee handle for extra safety
  • Padded lining for the dog’s comfort
  • Durable and strong against chewing
  • Comes in four different colors


  • The collar might be a bit bulky so it’s not the best choice for small dogs

Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar

There’s so much that makes the Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar stand out from the other items on this list. It’s definitely chew-proof, but that is just one in a slew of positive features of this collar.

Firstly, not too many knotted collars can boast this level of durability. If you look at Knot-a-Collar, it appears minimalistic, like a used car towing cable. But that’s the brilliant design that Ruffwear went with. It’s perfect because it doesn’t make your pup sweat as much. In addition, you can maneuver around it easily with the two fisherman’s knots. And it doesn’t scrape against the dog’s fur that much. Say bye-bye to the bald spots around the pup’s neck!

Next, there’s the durability. Knot-a-Collar is made to last and your doggy will not be able to chew through it. Not just because of the material, mind you, but also because the collar has firm fisherman’s knots. They are never easy to gnaw on.

Lastly, there’s the Quick Ring for your dog’s ID tag, and the aluminum backside ring for the leash. The ring will keep the leash in place, while the Quick Ring will help you identify the dog in case it’s lost.


  • Adjustable, minimalistic design with fisherman’s knots
  • Extremely durable
  • Backside V-ring for the leash
  • Front-side Quick Ring for the dog tag
  • Variety of colors


  • The knots can come loose after excessive wearing

Why Do You Need a Chew Proof Dog Collar?

It might sound counterproductive to some dog owners. After all, the collar hangs around the neck. How could a dog possibly chew through it?

Well, there are several ways in which a dog can gnaw on its walking accessory:

  1. The collar is the wrong size, so it hangs loosely around the neck, allowing the dog to chew on it
  2. We misplaced the collar somewhere in the open, where the dog has access to it
  3. We have more than one dog and they like to roughhouse, which leads to collar-chewing
  4. The collar’s buckles or knots don’t hold, so it falls off every now and again.

Of course, this little list covers the ‘how’ of collar chewing, but not the ‘why.’ In other words, if you want your best friend to stop chewing, you need to find out what’s causing it to chew in the first place.

A lot of times, dogs will chew on an object because they feel stressed, bored, anxious, or ill. The first obvious step is to consult an expert, like a vet. We should also try to find out if we did something to cause this behavior. Anything from a stressful, shouty day at work to moving to a new home can stress a dog out. If possible, we should try to do everything we can to discourage our dogs from such destructive behavior. Buying a new chew toy or playing the ‘drop it’ game can do the trick.

However, those are long-term solutions. What we need in the short term is a good, chew-proof collar. With that in mind, we should stress that no collar is really 100% chew-proof. All materials wear down in time, including metal and different alloys. But that shouldn’t discourage you from looking. Durable collars can sometimes last for a few years.

Features to Look For in the Best Chew Proof Dog Collars


Collars can be made of anything. For example, you can buy souvenir collars made from used ship rope. However, your dog will need something that it can’t chew through.

Nylon is probably your best option. It might be a synthetic material, but it doesn’t break easily and it stays firm and tough for an exceptionally long time. It’s also easy to wash and maintain. The vast majority of durable dog collars are made of this material, but there are degrees to nylon’s quality. Make sure to do thorough research on the particular type of nylon your collar of choice contains. Leather is the next best option. However, high-quality leather collars are expensive and a bit hard to maintain. Unless you can afford strong leather, stick to nylon.

Some of you might be thinking of metal chain collars. It might look cool on a thick dog like a Rottweiler or a Bull Terrier and it’s definitely durable against chewing. However, it’s extremely uncomfortable around the canine’s neck. Whatever you do, avoid using a chain collar completely.

One key detail that most dog collar shoppers don’t think about is the color of the product. More specifically, we’re talking about the dye that a collar manufacturer uses. Namely, some dogs are allergic to certain types of dyes. If their skin comes into contact with these, they can suffer from rashes and other allergic reactions. That’s why it’s your top priority to check what the collar is made from and what it’s colored with.

Flexibility and Comfort

Nylon sounds awesome, but then we stop and think, ‘Wait, this goes around my dog’s neck. What if it hurts itself?’ And yes, if we leave nylon by itself, it can cause serious harm to our pup. That’s why it’s extremely important to get a collar that has some form of inside padding.

Collars on this list have neoprene interiors and other types of inner padding. These materials provide comfort around the neck and don’t choke the dog. If the collar was crafted properly, your dog won’t even feel it when you’re taking a walk. In addition, the padding should be as easy to wash as the outside of the collar. Some low-quality products have padding that soaks up the water but exudes a moldy odor. Neither you nor your dog want that.

Hardware is Key

Yellow dog wearing chain collar looking at the camera

Throughout the reviews, we’ve put emphasis on buckles, prongs, leash rings, and so on. They might seem like features we can ignore, but their quality is just as important as the rest of the collar. After all, when dogs start to chew the collar, they aim for the buckle first.

Obviously, metal is the best option. Plastic is a bit looser and elastic, but it also breaks easily. Really, it will only take our dogs a couple of days to gnaw through a basic plastic clasp. However, not all metals are a good choice. Dogs tend to love water, and rust can do a lot of damage to its health. Therefore, you should get a collar with a rust-free stainless steel buckle.

Now, a lot of buckles feature only one throng. That’s fine enough for small or passive pooches, but an active, large dog can dislodge this prong by simply jumping and running about. If your collar of choice features two prongs for its buckle, don’t think — buy.

It Should Fit

Dogs come in so many different shapes and sizes, so it’s best to get a collar that’s a perfect match for your buddy. Naturally, you won’t be getting it a product that tightens around its neck. However, a loose collar can be a bigger problem than a tight one. Earlier, we mentioned that a dog can get out of the collar and chew on it, or that it can get lost by sliding its head out and running off. However, there are other issues with loose collars. When you’re taking a walk, you will have less control over your dog than if you had a tight-fitting collar. That can be a problem if you’re walking in a crowded area with lots of passers-by.

The best solution is to measure your dog and see which collar size fits it the best. But that’s just half of your troubles. Some collars have buckle holes that don’t match your dog’s neck size. In other words, the prongs will fit best in between two holes; moving them forward will be too tight for the dog and moving them back will be too loose. If that happens, we advise finding a better-fitting collar. Another option is getting a one-size-fits-all collar with lots of holes and adjustment options.

Bonus Features

Believe it or not, even products as simple as dog collars have bonus features. For example, a lot of them have custom dog tag slots which are waterproof and dirt-proof. These tags are the best way someone can identify your dog if it decides to run off. In addition, some collars, like the Tuff Pupper, have a bungee extension for easy maneuvering. These features aren’t necessarily something your dog’s new collar needs, but they’re neat to have.

Final Thoughts

As we said in the beginning, your best friend deserves the best. With the five products we listed, you can rest assured that your dog will be safe during walks and other outdoor activities. But more importantly, it won’t chew through them as easily as it would through other collars on the market. Durability and comfort go hand in hand, and with the best chew-proof collar around its neck, your puppy will definitely feel at ease.


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