Grooming your dog

There’s no simpler way to bond with your dog and keep him healthy than grooming him. Regular dog grooming sessions give you an opportunity to touch and interact with your dog in a way that makes him vulnerable. This can quickly build his trust in you as pack leader and teach him to depend on your authority, both of which are important aspects of a quality relationship.

Consistent grooming also does more than keep your dog looking good. It’s the first line in his health care defense. Caring for your dog’s skin and coat, ears, eyes, teeth, and nails gives you the opportunity to catch potential problems before they become serious.

The articles below will walk you through the basics of dog grooming and how to care for every part of your dog. There’s also information to help you choose a dog groomer for those occasions when you want the help of a professional.

If you haven’t done so already, start a dog grooming routine. Your dog will thank you for the shiny coat and long, healthy life.


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