Is there something that will help us when obedience training, treats, and positive reinforcements fail? Is there anything that can calm our dogs when they get so hyperactive that we can no longer contain them? Yes, CBD oil for hyper dogs!

Hyperactive dogs usually lack self-control. As adorable as they are, we simply can’t have them wreaking havoc all around our homes. Therefore, we have to find a suitable solution for the issues at hand.

CBD isn’t the first remedy dog owners turn to. When it comes to calming hyper dogs, there are many potential solutions that will come to their minds before CBD does. But that’s actually a massive mistake because CBD is a natural remedy that has plenty of benefits.

What Causes Hyperactivity in Dogs?

Aside from their lack self-control, hyper dogs are also impulsive, easily distracted, and generally have a short attention span. Those are the dogs that we would usually describe as “not having an off switch.”

But not all high-energy dogs are hyperactive. Some are simply raised to be that way while others are of naturally active breeds.

However, hyperactivity in dogs is a real medical issue. Dogs that have a hyperactive disorder will rarely be able to focus on one task. No toy, treat, or activity will be enough to occupy them for a longer period. Furthermore, some hyper dogs also display destructive behavior. That’s especially true if they also have some form of anxious disorders (such as separation anxiety).

All of these issues make dog training a challenge or, in some cases, practically impossible.

Potential Treatments

If our dogs are simply high-energy, we need to allow them to get rid of that excess every day. Running with your dog, taking it out for long walks, and playing with it will usually solve high-energy issues.

However, that won’t work for hyper dogs. If our dogs really have a medical issue, they’ll need professional help. Some vets will prescribe stimulants such as d-amphetamine and methylphenidate. In contrast, others will steer us on the “natural remedy” route and offer valerian, lemon balm, chamomile, and similar alternative treatments.

Although all of these might potentially work, they come with either severe side effects or an underwhelming overall effect.

Why Consider CBD Oil for Hyper Dogs?

Unlike prescription stimulants, CBD doesn’t have any negative side-effects. Although there haven’t been that many studies done on canines so far, those done on humans and other animals show promising results.

Just like humans, dogs also have endocannabinoid systems. Therefore, CBD products work on them the same way they do on us. CBD products work wonders on humans with anxiety and attention issues, and studies done so far suggest that they can work their magic on dogs as well.

Best CBD Oil for Hyper Dogs

So, now that we know what can actually help our hyper dogs, we need to know which products to choose. Which is the best CBD oil for hyper dogs?

Gold Bee

A fan-favorite among humans, this full-spectrum CBD oil will undoubtedly be both a treat and a remedy for our dogs. Infused with honey and quite potent, Gold Bee BD oil will help your dog calm down and focus and maintain its attention on a specific task.

Spruce Dog CBD

Spruce is a CBD oil formulated from domestic Colorado and Kentucky hemp especially for dogs. The company really went all out to adapt the oil to dogs’ tastes and generally uses coconut oil as a carrier oil because it’s easier on dogs’ digestive systems. That also makes this CBD oil easier to hide in our pup’s food.

Balance CBD

Made from organic, locally sourced hemp, Balance CBD oils for dogs are flavored or unflavored oils that contain no THC or GMO matters. Ideal for even the pickiest of eaters, Balance CBD oils have 300 mg of CBD in a bottle. That’s more than enough to calm your hyper dog!

Royal CBD

Royal CBD is one of the most popular CBD companies in the world. Therefore, it’s no wonder that their products are the top pick of many dog owners. When it comes to broad-spectrum oils, they don’t get much better than what Royal CBD selection has to offer. Because they come in four potencies, Royal CBD oils are easy to dose both for humans and for dogs.


A Californian brand that’s been established on the market for quite some time now, Holista Pet makes excellent full-spectrum CBD oil for pets. Their product selection includes everything from oil to capsules and CBD-infused treats. All of their products are non-GMO and gluten-free, which is ideal for pups with sensitive digestive systems.

A Few Parting Words

Hyper dogs can be a real nuisance for their owners. However, more importantly, hyperactivity is an issue that can also be burdensome for the dog itself. Therefore, all owners should strive to do their best to solve that issue and help their pups and themselves. One of the most perfect solutions is the CBD oil for hyper dogs with all the benefits of prescription meds without any side effects.