How To Make A Dog Collar On Your Own

A brown dog wearing a red scarf collar

Crafting, in general, is a very satisfying process. It can be healing both for the heart and mind. But what can make us feel even better is making something for our loved ones. And our dogs certainly fit into that category! In this article, we’ll show you how to make a dog collar on your … Read more

What Is The Best Age To Breed A Female Dog?

A brown and white dog looking at a female white dog in a grass background

Did you know that dogs reach sexual maturity before they reach physical maturity? What’s interesting is they are not ready to mate until they’ve reached the latter stage. So it is highly likely, you as a dog owner would try to breed your dog before it is ready. Unfortunately, by making that mistake, you could … Read more

Top 10 World’s Cutest Puppy Breeds

A person holding a brown new born puppy on his arms

Although we could easily say that every puppy is as cute as a button, some dog breeds are beyond adorable. These puppy breeds surely make our hearts flutter when we see them, and their fluffiness is captivating! Top 10 World’s Cutest Puppy Breeds 1. Dachshund We’ve searched high and low, but it seems there isn’t … Read more

Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Dog Breeds

lowchen dog breed

Loving someone is free, but when it comes to some dog breeds, it sure feels like that love is breaking the bank. Still, a furry friend is a true friend, and either of these most expensive dog breeds will certainly make for a great companion. 1. Löwchen Once extremely popular among noblemen and frequent “guests” … Read more

CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD oil for dogs

In recent years, scientists have been researching numerous alternative methods for treating dogs with chronic pain. One of those alternatives is CBD oil. Apparently, it can help our dogs with medical conditions veterinarians aren’t able to treat. Moreover, CBD doesn’t have any of the side-effects most painkillers have. It is a natural, non-toxic substance that … Read more