Tips on rewarding your dog

The following dog training tips will help you understand when and how to reward your dog to make obedience exercises as effective as possible. Your dog will learn quicker if you reward him at the precise moment he performs the desired action. When teaching the sit command, for instance…

Basic training commands

[adsense-three] Dog owners often misunderstand the reason for, and necessity of, basic training commands. First-time owners frequently approach commands as “tricks” rather than as tools to communicate with their dogs. Others skip formal obedience training altogether because they believe it takes too much time or demeans their dog. Teaching your dog training commands should be … Read more

How to make dog training corrections

[adsense-three] Corrections are an integral part of dog training basics. Because dogs can’t communicate in our own language, we have to make interactions with them easy to understand. This is done through binomial feedback. We offer only two possible outcomes in response to a particular command: we reward a dog for the right response (one … Read more

Giving obedience training commands

[adsense-three] Obedience commands allow you to connect with your dog and are the focus of dog training basics. Your tone of voice, gestures, and body language all determine whether your dog can understand you and respond accordingly. A good command can send your dog flying into action. A bad command will only lead to frustration. … Read more

Dog training basics

Most people think dog obedience training only amounts to teaching a dog the meaning of words. However, to truly train your dog you have to make him understand why he should respond to your obedience commands. Only then will you be able to effectively communicate with him. The process isn’t difficult if you take a two-step approach to training.