Your dog’s language

It’s important to understand dog language and how your dog communicates. You’ll gain insight into what he’s feeling and be able to interact with him in a way that he understands. This can make training easier, keep your dog from developing behavior problems, and deepen your relationship with him.

Tips on house training your dog

The following house training tips should help you and your dog survive the training process with as few accidents as possible. Remember, learning how to house train a dog isn’t difficult if you keep a watchful eye and establish a routine that sets your dog up to succeed.

Dog communication and smell

[adsense-three] One of the lesser understood aspects of how dog’s communicate is through their use of smells. A dog’s sense of smell is more than 100 times stronger than a human’s. While a dog has some 200 million olfactory cells to register different odors, humans have only 5 million. This is one reason why scent … Read more

Your dog’s body language

[adsense-three] The ability to interpret dog body language is an invaluable tool in training your dog. The way your dog carries himself, his ear and tail positioning, and even subtle facial expressions all provide insight into what your dog is thinking. If you’re able to read these signals properly, you’ll understand your dog’s personality and … Read more

How to crate train a puppy

[adsense-three] You should begin crate training puppy shortly after you bring him home. Introducing your puppy to a crate from the beginning makes house training easier, provides a safe place to keep him when he can’t be supervised, and serves as an ideal way to travel with him. The sooner the crate training process gets … Read more