How to choose dog dishes

You may be tempted to feed your dog from any container that’s handy, but a quality dog dish for food and a second for water are worth the investment. If you buy well-made dishes with features that make your dog more comfortable during mealtimes, you’ll save money in the long run and have a happier pet.

Dog crate manufacturers

If you’re in the market for a dog crate, this list of manufacturers should help you in your search. Each of the companies below offers a wide selection of crates in a variety of materials and sizes, as well as other pet related products.

Dog bite prevention

[adsense-three] Dog bites are the second leading cause of injuries in children and over 75% of bite cases involve dogs that belong to the victim’s family or a friend. If you bring home a puppy or dog, take the necessary steps to protect your kids with dog bite prevention: supervise them when they play with … Read more

The cost of owning a dog

If you saved the money most dogs cost over their lifetimes, you could buy a new car or take a trip around the world. Before you decide to adopt a dog, consider the cost, both monetarily and emotionally, of raising a healthy, happy puppy through adulthood. The cost of a dog is usually more the first year than each year after because…

How to choose a puppy or dog crate

[adsense-three] Your dog’s crate is more than just a place to keep him while you’re away. It’s a sanctuary, his home within your home. And at a cost of $30 to $200, a crate can be the most expensive item you’ll buy for your puppy or dog. You want to choose a crate that’s tough … Read more